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Tool for generate packages in console.


  WebPackerTool <source> [-config=] [-basePath=] [-output=] [-name=] [-meta=]

      Set of resource files (separated by a space) or file with a configuration of packages or web.config with <web.packer> configuration.
      Path for custom packing configuration file.
      Current directory for resources files. Used for resolve \"~\" also.
      Output path for generated packages.
      Name of package for set of files.
      File for writing meta information of packages.

File with meta information of packages used by StaticPackProvider.

Example of packing configuration file:

<web.packer versionGenerator="md5">
    <filter type="WebPacker.Filters.YuiCssMinifier" />
    <filter type="WebPacker.Filters.YuiJavascriptMinifier" isObfuscateJavascript="true" />
    <versionGenerator name="md5" type="WebPacker.VersionGenerators.Md5VersionGenerator" />


Packing a set of files.

  WebPackerTool 1.js 2.js -output="resources" -name="mypack"
Packing by description.

  WebPackerTool Packs.config -output="~/resources" -basePath="c:\webapp\app"
Packing by configuration described in the web.config. In this case, the basePath is "c:\webapp\app\" by default.

  WebPackerTool c:\webapp\app\web.config

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